1964 DMC Officials Rally

Article reproduced from Autosport 11 December 1964 (Thanks to Fred Gallagher for the copy)

Officials Rally

Despite the name, the Dungannon Motor Club’s Officials’ Rally was not only for Officials but also for the usual “circus” and in fact consisted of two categories – one for expert and one for novices and officials. Harold Hagan had set out a well-planned route of about 70 miles in East Tyrone and this was divided into three sections consisting of two time point sections and a Tulip card. Most unfortunately the time-point section, which was very good, had to be scrubbed due to a couple of typographical errors and as a result, the event was decided on the two driving tests.

From the start near Cookstown the field tackled the first six time points which went in a generally southwards direction via Cam Lough and Pomeroy. For most people this was easily on, although Eric Ferguson/Austen Frazer were seen to be having some trouble finding the correct slot for T.P.1 and Marshal Moore/Peter Lyster had a WA at T.P.4 when they thought that the correct route down the main road was just too obvious. Alan Boyd and Jack Armstrong also both managed to drop a minute. Next followed the ill-fated section two which included some of the best roads in the Cappagh area. Confusion reigned supreme at T.P.9 where every navigator seemed to have a different idea of the whereabouts and approach of the plot.

The tight white through 697650 would have been interesting while Cahal Curley did a bit of field exploration when Esler Crawford thought that the organisers had discovered a new road to the West of Callaghah’s Bridge but the discovery of an unsuspected marshal further along the route gave the clue to the mistake in the map reference.

Finally came a 15-mile Tulip section to the finish near Dungannon. Although this took in some interesting new roads, few people were in any sort of trouble (Crawford Harkness/Donald Grieve almost took things too casually and only had a minute to spare at the end) and only Ralph Armstrong missed a secret check.


1. R.McCartney/T. Harryman (Mini-Cooper S) 64.4
2. J. Stevenson/D. Turkington (Mini-Cooper S) 65.2
3. M. Johnston/I. Allen (Mini-Cooper) 68.2

Novices and Officials:
1. J. Johnston/G. Taggart (Anglia) 74.6
2. T. Chivers/A.Nother (Mini) 80.5
3. R. Armstrong/A.Nother (VW1200) 93.0