1966 Circuit of Ireland Rally

Tony Fall and Henry Liddon were flying on the Circuit of Ireland and took first place overall.

Article first appeared in “WHEEL” magazine in May 1966.  The report is by Brian Foley.

TONY FALL AND HENRY LIDDON win gruelling Circuit of Ireland Rally.

The Ulster Automobile Club’s 1966 Gallaher Circuit of Ireland International Rally will surely go down in motoring history as the toughest and most gruelling rally ever held in Ireland.  Of the 84 cars that set out on the 1,460 miles Rally from the Gallaher Factory, at Lisnafillan, Ballymena, Co. Antrim on Good Friday night, less than half checked in at the finish at Larne, Co.Antrim in the early hours of Easter Tuesday morning.

Paddy Hopkirk, winner in 1958 in a Triumph T.R.3, in 1961 and ’62 in Sunbeam Rapiers and again last year in a works Austin Cooper “S”, crashed his works B.M.C. Cooper “S” on Stage one.  Vic Elford, who finished second last year, retired his works Ford Lotus Cortina shortly alter the start of Stage Two as a result of crash damage on the very first Special Section.  Roger Clark, who finished third overall last year in a privately entered Ford Cortina G.T., retired his works Ford Lotus Cortina with a non-functioning oil pump on Stage Three.

Tony Fall, navigated by Henry Liddon, took over the lead with his works B.M.C. Cooper “S” on Stage Three, and went on to win by the narrow margin of 7.1 marks from Brian Melia and Geoff Davies in the sole surviving works Ford Lotus Cortina.  Highest placed Irish finalists were Ulster crew, Adrian Boyd and Beatty Crawford in a privately entered Ford Cortina G.T. in third place overall.

The Ladies’ Award went once again to Miss Rosemary Smith, navigated by Miss Valerie Domleo, in a works Hillman Imp.  The three N.S.U. Prinz 100 TT’s entered by Reg Armstrong Motors, took all three team awards.

In past years the Circuit was more or less a long navigational trial, with a number of hill climbs and lots of driving tests thrown in for good measure.  Two years ago the driving tests were abandoned altogether, and one can still hear the huge sigh of relief by drivers of big cars who always suffered such a terrible disadvantage in those crossroads manoeuvres.

Last year more emphasis was placed on special sections than on navigation. Map reading was finally abolished this year in favour of the more universally acceptable Tulip Section method of route finding by diagrams.  Also, more special sections were introduced, totalling fifty in all, (of which three were cancelled) and mostly over some 280 miles of well-surfaced public roads closed for the occasion.  The Rally was also tightened up so that the opportunity to carry out major repairs en route was considerably curtailed by the fact that over thirty minutes of lateness at any one control entailed exclusion.

With checkpoints every ten miles of the entire route, the works support service crews really had to work against the clock to carry out only minor repairs and change tyres, although the Ford boys did manage to change an ailing differential on Brian Melia’s car!

Some competitors are even in favour of banning all such service operations next year, or at least placing further restrictions as in last year’s R.A.C. Rally in England.  This in theory at least, should give the privateers a better chance of competing against the works teams, although the latter have the advantage of better-prepared cars by mechanics experienced in rally preparation.

The tyre companies, currently locked in deadly combat on the International scene, brought their tyre war to Ireland in a big way for the first time. The works Fords relied on Goodyear Ultragrip Weathermasters for their 150 b.h.p. Lotus Cortinas. Dunlop supplied the rubbers for the two works B.M.C. Coopers, with Tony Fall on Green Spot R6 racing tyres for the well-surfaced tarmac sections. The Dunlop boys ditched their van at one stage, and Goodyear provided no end of amusement by coming to the rescue of their “deadly” rivals!

Stage One: Ballymena to Sligo

The first car to roll down the floodlit starting ramp at Ballymena was the works B.M.C. Cooper “S” of Hopkirk/Harryman, followed by the three bright red works Ford Lotus Cortinas, and the second works B.M.C. Cooper “S” of Fall/Liddon. On the 7.5 miles SS1 at Torr Head, Co.Antrim, Elford landed his Lotus Cortina on a stone wall but managed to continue. Hopkirk was really motoring on SS6 over 6.5 miles of fast tarred road around Lough Eske in Co. Donegal.

The hydrolastic Mini took off on a bump and landed on a rear-wheel while travelling at some 80 m.p.h. The car then hopped onto a front wheel and went end over end (from three to six times, depending on the storyteller).  Miraculously Paddy and Terry Harryman escaped unhurt from the written-off Mini.

The 2 litre Rover of Costello/Cox was seen parked near Strabane, the Curley/Frazer, Lotus Cortina was out, and Reggie McSpadden had to retire his Volkswagen 1300 when his navigator Derek Boyd became violently ill.

Both the Dolan/McGuire Ford Cortina G.T. and the Singer Chamois of Robin Maunsell/J. M. Grant were travelling minus windscreens, which must have been most unpleasant in the pouring rain which lasted all night. Charles Maunsell, Robin’s father, has a go at Hopkirk’s wrecked Mini with his Hillman Imp but was continuing at unabated speed. Cecil Vard and Dudley Reynolds retired their Austin 1800 when two push-rods refused to push.

The Thompson/Henderson Imp went off the road, and was out.  Noel Smith/Ian Turkington damaged the sub-frame of their 1293 c.c. B.M.C. Cooper “S” (an Austin version) and the R.I.A.C. Rally Champion was out with the front wheels pointing in opposing directions.

Another Mini out of action was the 1293 c.c. Morris-Cooper “S” of Brian Culcheth/Graham Knox-Gore, with a holed radiator.  Special Section 7 near Pettigo on the Border was cancelled, this being the last before the breakfast stop at Sligo.  Leading after Stage One were the works Fords of Clark/Porter and Elford/Davenport, with a loss of 50.6 and 52.2 marks, respectively.  Fall/Liddon were lying third with a loss of 56.1 marks, and closely harried by the third works Ford of Melia/Davies, who had a loss of 56.7 marks.

Gunn and Foott were the leading Irish crew and the first of the Ford Cortina G.T. brigade with a loss of 78.6 marks.  With a loss of 78.8 marks, Fidler and Taylor in the lone Triumph 2000 were close behind in fifth position.  Boyd/Crawford, McNamara/Cusack and Tordoff/Nash were next in a trio of Cortina G.T.’s and in tenth berth was the Lotus Cortina crewed by Morrison/Wilson.  Class leaders were Harkness/Bannister (Fiat 850 Coupe), McCartney/Hart (Renault Gordini R8), Fall/Liddon, Clark/Porter, Fidler/Taylor, Malkin/Lyall (Hillman Imp), and McConnell/Rickerby (Sunbeam Tiger).

Stage Two: Sligo to Killarney

The heavy rain continued to pour down relentlessly as the weary crews pulled out of the Sligo Control to begin the long hard grind to Killarney, via the wilds of Mayo, through bleak Connemara, Galway and Clare, a brief return to civilisation through Limerick City and into the rugged mountains of North Co.Kerry. As a result of a clock failing on a Special Section, all cars from number 53 back were running thirty minutes late with the result that many of the unfortunate back numbers did not have time for breakfast at Sligo. Elford and Smith were officially out of the rally after S.S.13 at Shannaghfreaghoge near Galway City. Messrs Rathmell/Wood (Cortina G.T.) and Jobling-Purser/O’Neill (N.S.U. Prinz 100 TT) were victims of over exuberance, both crews terminating their official association with the proceedings by rolling over onto their respective roofs.

The rapidly growing list of retirements also included the Ford Anglias of Baird,/White, and Kirk/Charlesson, the Hillman Imps of Thistlethwaite/Youd, Greenwood/Honeywood, and Burch/Stokes, and the lone Vauxhall Viva of Thompson/Gelder. Crawford Harkness wisely retired his attractive Fiat 850 Coupe when he suspected loose steering, a great pity indeed as the very rapid little Italian bomb was the leading contender for Class 1 honours.

The Gardai advised Clerk of the Course, Robin McKinney that the U.A.C. would be directly responsible for any damages caused to the recently laid surface on the excellent 6.5 miles Gallows Hill near Limerick, so this Special Section No16 was sensibly cancelled. Near Ardagh, Co.Limerick, John Sprinzel crashed his M.G. Midget into a non-competing car at a main road junction. He was taken to Limerick Regional Hospital, lucky to escape with a broken collar bone and five cracked ribs. His navigator Atis Krauklis emerged unhurt from the sadly bent Midget. A section of the road between Ardagh and the 2.5 miles S.S.17 at Knockanimpaha was badly flooded, but the rains eased off slightly and almost as if by magic the floods cleared within minutes of arrival of the first cars.

Two more Special Sections, No.18 at Desmond’s Grave and No.19 at Knockacullig, were tackled in poor light before the leading crews reached Killarney, the first solid food for hours and a welcome overnight rest. Roger Clark was still in the lead, having dropped 75.2 marks to the 82.5 of his team-mate Brian Melia who was now second. Tony Fall fell back behind Melia, with a loss of 86.4 marks. Charlie Gunn was some way behind with a loss of 119.8 marks, but quite a bit ahead of Adrian Boyd who was 138.9 marks in arrears. Gerry McNamara was now sixth with a loss of 142.1 marks, 1.4 less than Roy Fidler (Triumph 2000), Morrison, 149.7, Tordoff, 162.6, and Malkin, 166.4 completed the first ten placings overall. In all, twenty cars were out of action, and many of those still in the Rally bore the scars of battle.

Stage Three: Killarney to Killarney

The Clerk of the Weather was in much kinder mood for Easter Sunday’s Stage Three. This was the traditional dice through the rugged mountain passes of Kerry and Cork, from Killarney back to Killarney. All the old favourites were included, such as the eight miles climb of Moll’s Gap (S.S.20), ten miles ascent and descent of the switch-back road ringing Borlinn Valley (S.S.20) another up and down race along seven and a half miles of the famous Tim Healy Pass (S.S.28), and perhaps best of all, eight miles of very fast and undulating main road skirting Lough Caragh (S.S.31).  Special Section 26 at Friendly Cove near Bantry was scrubbed.

The first car was due to leave Killarney at 8.30 a.m., drivers and spectators (and particularly those who attended Midnight Mass in Killarney) had only a few short hours in bed. Some hard-working officials must have had even less sleep, as they set out to man their posts at the unearthly hour of 6 a.m.!

Roger Clark was literally fantastic on Moll’s Gap, and indeed the sight of the bright red Lotus Cortina being drifted under full power through the fast, rock-bordered bends, was one of the highlights of the entire event. He dropped 3.9 marks on this section to the 4.4 dropped by his closest rival Fall. On S.S21 at- Curramore, Clark had almost twenty seconds over Melia, but at Borlinn his oil pump failed and a very disappointed Clark was forced to abandon the rally. Fall’s Mini was belching out huge clouds of smoke on the early stages of the Tim Healy Pass but this was due to the engine being over-filled with oil, and was nothing as serious as at first feared.

With Clark out, Fall was the top performer on Stage Three, for which he won the Killarney Trophy. He also forged ahead of Melia to take the overall lead with a loss of 144.2 marks to Melia’s loss of 145.5. Gunn maintained his third position, now with a loss of l90.6 marks. Gerry McNamara flipped his Cortina G.T. at the end of S.S.30 at Ballaghbeama, but by sheer determination and brilliant driving he moved up to fourth place overall with a loss of 232.0 marks.

Boyd and Crawford were only 1.5 marks behind McNamara; another outstanding performance as Boyd’s Cortina G.T. was down on power having only a single carburettor as compared to the two of the other Cortina G.T.’s. Fidler was sixth, and for the first time Maurice Acheson and Jack Long came onto the leaderboard in seventh position with their 1275 c.c. Morris-Cooper “S”. The Tordoff/Nash Cortina G.T. was still nicely placed in eight position. John McClean/R. G. English filled ninth place with their 1275 c.c. Austin-Cooper “S” and tenth was the Class 6 leader Colin Malkin in his semi-works Hillman Imp.

Ken Shields squeezes the massive Vauxhall Velox through a narrow bridge as he conducts Peter Lyster to a fine 11th Overall and 2nd in Class 5.

A very meritorious performance was that of Ken Shields and Peter Lyster, who worked their massive Vauxhall Velox into eleventh place overall. Ronnie McCartney, winner of the 1964 Circuit with Terry Harryman in a 1071 c.c. Austin-Cooper “S”, was now twelfth overall and leader of Class 2, despite the fact that this Renault Gordini R8 was reported to have clutch trouble. Back in Killarney, where the leaders clocked in from approximately 3 p.m. onwards, news of retirements and mishaps came in thick and fast. Louis Dillon and Jim O’Brien were lucky to escape unmarked when their Triumph Vitesse rolled with disastrous damage on Moll’s Gap.

Charlie Gunn adorned the Bull’s Pocket scenery with a spot lamp but otherwise his car was unmarked. The same could not be said about McNamara’s car which looked a sorry sight indeed following the Ballaghbeama incident, but he certainly intended pressing on. Johnny Moore and Jack Scott had no end of trouble with their Cortina G.T. with a sticking throttle. A stone wall at Ballaghbeama ended their Rally. Bill Morrison’s Lotus Cortina stopped at Borlinn with differential trouble, and the M.G. Midget of the Misses Vivian McCune and Rosemary Kinnear also succumbed to diff. maladies. The Rover 2 litre of Costello was finally parked off the road for good, but Tony Cox was having a rare old go in his similar model, despite a .007 bullet-like
hole in one of his doors!

On the run down the Tim Healy, the Austin Mini of Herbie Harkness/Brian Metcalfe crashed head-on into a bank when a front brake locked.  Metcalfe escaped with slight leg injuries and Harkness suffered chest injuries, which happily did not prove serious. The same could not be said of the Mini which was quite badly bent. Others to fall by the wayside were T. Rowland/Miss P. Spencer (1275 c.c. Morris-Cooper “S”) and the Wilson/Rankin (1275 c.c. Austin-Cooper “S”)

Only just running was the Dolan/McGuire Cortina G.T. which had a cracked manifold and no exhaust system at all. Leslie Fitzpatrick and Donal Grieve had a hectic day. This pair, who were offering a strong challenge to the big Sunbeam Tiger V8 for Class 7 honours, ran out of road on the Tim Healy with their M.G.B. and also had a slight tiff with Clark’s parked Lotus Cortina at Borlinn. The Hillman Imp of Charles Maunsell/Alex Spence and the similar Singer Chamois of Robin Maunsell/J. M. Grant, looked like a pair of fugitives from a bump, bash and bore stock car race. Charles good-humouredly joked that a dented door was a secret prototype for the 1967 production concave flair!

Dungannon’s Billy Gowdy and Stanley Eakins (998cc Cooper) press hard on the Ardgroom Stage on Easter Sunday, and would manage to complete the event in 39th place Overall.

Hewison Champion, Conor Linehan and Eamonn Cotter were in real hardship with their 1275c.c. Morris-Cooper “S”. They lost a lot of time on the very first Special Section when an oil pipe to the cooler was damaged, and an incorrectly geared Halda Speed Pilot was creating no end of navigation nightmares. To add to their adventures they had a phenomenal avoidance when they came face to face with Robin Maunsell in a narrow lane! Only two teams remained intact, the Munster Volkswagens of Pat O‘Callaghan/Harry McEvoy, Tom Burke/Reggie Tilson and Sean Hanley/Derek Jolly, and the Reg Armstrong N.S.U.’s of Des and Jim Cullen, Steve Moran/ Brian Geary and Billy and Hope Kilroy. The Munster men were leading all three team categories by 1211.2 marks to the 1284 marks of the Prinz crews.

Stage Four: Killarney to Mullingar

Thirty crews were absent as Tony Fall and Henry Liddon in the works Mini bade farewell to Killarney shortly after 10 a.m. on Easter Monday, to begin Stage Four to Mullingar in the Midlands. Nearly twelve hours and twelve Special Sections later, Fall and Liddon arrived at the Co.Westmeath town having stretched their lead from 1.3 to 10.1 marks over Melia and Davies. With a loss of 222.3 marks, Charlie Gunn and Ricky Foott were third, 56.6 marks down on Melia/Davies but 60.3 ahead of Boyd/Crawford. Maurice Acheson/Jack Long were fifth with a loss of 294.5 marks, and Fidler/Taylor were sixth with a loss of 298.6 marks. The gallant McNamara/Cusack were still in the battle and in seventh place with a loss of 307.3 marks, Jack Tordoff/C. Nash were eighth with a loss of 323.8 marks, John McClean/R. G. English were ninth with a loss of 362.8 marks, and tenth in the big Vauxhall were Shields and Lystcr with a loss of 362.8 marks.

Charlie Gunn’s Cortina G.T. had a bashed nearside front wing as a result of solid contact with a wall on S.S37 at Burnchurch Viper near Kilkenny City and was also suffering dynamo trouble.  The alternator on the N.S.U. of the brothers Des and Jim Cullen packed up, and they had no less than five batteries in the car as well as others laid on by their two support cars.  Retirements included the 1275 c.c. Austin Cooper “S” of Michael Ford-Hutchinson, which stopped with a malfunctioning diff’., the ailing Ford Cortina G.T. of Mick Dolan, the Singer Chamois of Robin Maunsell, which boiled to a halt when a radiator hose burst, the Class 1 leading Austin Mini of the Eakin Brothers of Omagh, which broke a timing chain, and the Aston Martin of Clerk of the Course, Robin McKinney, which succumbed to clutch cylinder trouble despite the voluntary services of the B.M.C. service boys!  Others missing at Mullingar were Bloomfield/Shaw (Ford Cortina G.T.) and the Linehan/Cotter Morris Cooper “S”, which retired on S.S.35 at Clogheen, Co.Tipperary with a sheared steering arm.

Fall had a close shave with a wall on the 14 miles S.S.40 at Drumgoff, Co.Wicklow, and despite the attention of his service crew, Melia was worried about a noisy diff.  Crews who did a serious recce were surprised to find a beautifully smooth surface on S.S.39 at Old Leighlin, which was officially described as being “loose in places”.  Carlow County Council, out to make a good impression, had all the loose chippings swept up, making this one of the easier sections!

Stage Five: Mullingar to Larne.

The final night drive to the finish at Larne included seven more Special Sections. It was on one of these, S.S.49 at Davagh Forest in Co.Tyrone, that Charlie Gunn’s fine effort expired. The Gunn/Foott Cortina G.T. went ofl the forest track to end its journey firmly stuck in the boggy ground. The big Sunbeam Tiger V8 of Peter McConnell/Brian Rickerby retired with transmission trouble, Charles Maunsell’s hard-worked Hillman Imp eventually cried enough, and within two miles of the finish the well placed
Austin Cooper “S” of John McClean dropped out.

Although Melia pulled back some marks on Fall, his effort was not good enough and so Tony Fall ran out the overall winner by 7.1 marks. This was the first big victory for the 26-year-old Yorkshire driver as a works driver for B.M.C. His navigator Henry Liddon, will also be remembered for navigating Paddy Hopkirk to his famous Monte victory in 1964. Melia and Davies were second and third overall. Best privately entered crew and highest placed Irish crew were Adrian Boyd and Beatty Crawford in their single carb. Ford Cortina G.T. Boyd won the 1960 Circuit in a Mark 1 Sprite but was out of luck in recent years. Fidler and Taylor finished fourth overall in their impressively silent Triumph 2000.

The second highest placed Irishmen were Maurice Acheson and Jack Long of Cookstown in their Morris-Cooper “S”, who finished fifth overall, one place higher than their finishing position in last year’s Rally. Sixth overall, despite their Easter Sunday prang which would surely have demoralised lesser mortals, came those brave men from Monaghan, Gerry McNamara and Brian Cusack in their clapped-out Ford Cortina G.T. English crews filled the next three places and tenth overall were Ronnie McCartney and Mike Hart in their Renault Gordini.

Classes were won by:
Stevenson/Ardiss (Austin Mini),
Malkin/Lyall (Hillman Imp), and
Fitzpatrick/Grieve (M.G.B.).

Rosemary Smith, navigated by Valerie Domleo in the lone works Hillman Imp, once again won the Ladies’ Prize. All three N.S.U.’s finished and captured all three team awards from the three Munster Volkswagens. The forty crews who finished this most arduous of motoring competitions deserve nothing but the highest praise. There are no Hard Luck awards in the Circuit, but the other forty-four crews who also set out from the start with such high hopes only to have their hopes and ambitions end in the oblivion of retirement, deserve the greatest of sympathy.

This was undoubtedly the best Circuit ever.  The organisation was literally fantastic and was definitely up to the standards of any of the European Championship events. Perhaps next year an even more International entry will be attracted?

Ulster Automobile Club’s Gallaher Circuit of Ireland, International Rally, April 8-12, 1966


Ulster Automobile Club Trophy and £300 (Best Performance in Rally): T.Fall/H.Liddon (1275 c.c. B.M.C Cooper “S”) 206.5 marks lost.
2nd (£200): B.Melia/G.Davies (1598 c.c. Ford Lotus Cortina) 213.6.
3rd (£150): A.J.L.Boyd/D.B.Crawford (1498 c.c. Ford Cortina G.T.) 374.4.
4th (£100): R.Fidler/A.Taylor (1996 c.c. Triumph) 379.0.
5th (£75): M.Acheson/J.Long (1275 c.c. Morris-Cooper “S”) 387.1
6th (£60): G.C.McNamara/B.P.Cusack 1498 c.c. Ford Cortina G.T.) 395.3
7th (£40): J.C.Tordoff/C.Nash (1498 c.c. Ford Cortina G.T.) 413.0.
8th (£30): E.Moorat/D.G.Griffiths (1498 c.c. Ford Cortina G.T.) 423.7.
9th (£25): C.M.Malkin/R.Lyall (998 c.c. Hillman Imp) 457.3.
10th (£20): R.McCartney/M.Hart (1108 c.c. Renault Gordini R8) 461.4.

Gallagher Trophy and £50 (Best Performance by Private Entrant): A.J.L.Boyd/D.B.Crawford.
H. A. Bryson Trophy (Best Performance by Northern Ireland Crew): A.J.L.Boyd/D.B.Crawford.
Castlereagh Trophy (Best Performance by Republic of Ireland Crew): G.C.McNamara/B.P.Cusack.
Oonagh Reid Trophy (Best Performance by Overseas Crew): T.Fall/H.Liddon.
Autosport Trophy (Best Performance by Crew with other International Rally experience): T.Fall/H.Liddon.
Novices‘ Trophy (Best Performance by Crew who have not previously won an International Rally Award): H.U.Mead/J.King (1108 c.c.
Renault Gordini R8).
Knockmanny Trophy (Best Performance by Crew who have not previously competed in an International Rally): H.U.Mead/J.King.
O’Connor-Rorke Trophy (Best Performance by a Ladies Crew): Miss R.Smith/Miss V.Domleo (998 c.c. Hillman Imp).
Killarney Trophy (Best Performance on Easter Sunday): T.Fall/H.Liddon.

Class 1 (The Antrim Trophy) Touring Cars up to 850 c.c.: 1st, J.A.Stevenson/R.Ardis (Austin Mini) 655.3; 2nd, H.I.S. Catherwood/N.Davin (Austin Mini) 7l5.0; 3rd, D.R.Lockyear/A.E.Cowell (Saab), 752.1.

Class 2 (The Armagh Trophy) Touring cars 850—1150 c.c.: 1st R.J.McCartney/M.Hart (Renault Gordini R8) 461.4; 2nd D. Cullen/J.L.Cullen (N.S.U. Prinz 1000 TT) 592.1; 3rd, J.H.U.Mead,/J.King (Renault Gordini R8) 594.8.

Class 3 (The Down Trophy) Touring Cars 1150-1300 c.c.: 1st T.Fall/H.Liddon (B.M.C.Cooper“S”) 206.5; 2nd M.Acheson/J.Long (Morris-Cooper“S”) 387.1; 3rd W.McInnes/S.I.Parker (Morris-Cooper “S”) 493.5.

Class 4 (The Fermanagh Trophy) Touring cars 1300-1600 c.c.: 1st B.Melia/G.Davies (Ford Lotus Cortina) 213.6; 2nd. A.J.L.Boyd/D.B.Crawford (Ford Cortina G.T.) 374.4; 3rd G.C.McNamara/B.P.Cusack (Ford Cortina G.T.) 395.3

Class 5 (The Tyrone Trophy) Touring Cars over 1600 c.c.: 1st R.Fidler/A.Taylor (Triumph 2000) 379.0; 2nd W.K.Shields/P.Lyster (Vauxhall Velox) 463.7; 3rd T. Cox/D. Fawcett (Rover 2000) 489.9.

Class 6 (The Londonderry Trophy) Grand Touring Cars up to 1300 c.c.: 1st C.M.Malkin/R.Lyall (Hillman Imp) 457.3; 2nd Miss R.Smith/Miss V.Domleo (Hillman Imp) 479.3; 3rd, D.S.Baird/C.McMeekin (Hillman Imp) 599.2

Class 7 (The Belfast Trophy) Grand Touring Cars over 1300 c.c.: 1st L.Fitzpatrick/D.Grieve (MGB) 478.6; 2nd, J.K.Cassidy/D.Turkington (MGB) 893.6.

Finishers Awards:
W.K.Shields/P.Lyster (Vauxhall Velox) 11th;
L.Fitzpatrick/D.Grieve (M.G.B.) 12th;
Miss R.Smith/Miss V.Domleo (Hillman Imp) 13th;
W.McInnes/S.S.I.Parker (Morris-Cooper “S”) 14th;
T.Cox/D.Fawcett (Rover) 15th;
M.Esmor-Thomas/B.Hughes (Austin-Cooper “S”) 16th;
T.A.Burke/R.H.Tilson (Volkswagen) 17th;
D.Cullen/J.L.Cullen (N.S.U.) 18th;
J.H.U.Mead/J.King (Renault) 19th;
D.S.Baird/C.McMeekin (Hillman Imp) 20th;
P.P.O’Callaghan/H.McEvoy (Volkswagen) 21st;
W.E.Kilroy/Mrs.H.Kilroy (N.S.U.) 22nd;
A.McCracken/J.Syer (Volkswagen) 23rd;
J.E.Cotton/P.McClintoch (Peugeot) 24th;
S.Moran/F.B.Geary (N.S.U.) 25th;
J.A.Stevenson/R.Ardis (Austin Mini) 26th;
B.S.Coomber/R.O’Brien (Hillman Imp) 27th;
J.K.Cassidy/D.Turkington (M.G.B.) 28th;
H.I.S.Catherwood/N.Davin (Austin-Mini) 29th;
W.Sutton/B.S.Harrison (Hillman Imp) 30th;
D.R.Lockyear/A.E.Cowell (Saab) 31st;
R.J.Eakin/J.P.O’Kane (Austin-Cooper“S”) 32nd;
J.Henry/M.Maguire (Austin-Mini) 33rd;
C.G.Callow/H.A.Chalmers (Austin-Mini) 34th;
L.Mooney/P.Gleesson (Volkswagen) 35th;
S.J.Hanly/J.W.Jolly (Volkswagen) 36th;
H.C.Doggart/C.Rice (Austin-Cooper “S”) 37th;
L.Cowan/Y.R.L.Champeau (Ford Cortina G.T.) 38th;
W.Gowdy/S.Eakins (Morris-Cooper) 39th;
W.L.Coggart/C.Reid (Ford Cortina G.T.) 40th.

Club Team Award: Irish Motor Racing Club (D.Cullen/J.L.Cutten, S.Moran/F.B.Geary, W.E.Kilroy/Mrs.H.Kilroy).
One Make Team Award: N.S.U. Team (as above) .
Open Team Award: Team “F.” (as above).