1969 Jack Frost Rally

Alec Poole and Paul Phelan in. their ex-works Cooper S - the car used by Hopkirk on the 1968 Monte Carlo - speed through a gate on one of the selective of the Jack Frost.

1969 Jack Frost Rally

This summary is reproduced form Autosport, January 24, 1969

The 1969 Ulster Rally Championship got off to an early start on Friday January 17 with a new event, the Belfast Bangor and Newtownards Motor Club’s Jack Frost Rally.  The 240-mile predominantly navigational route on OS Maps 5, 6, 8 and 9 provided Alec Poole with his first Ulster restricted rally win, and it was also a first win for Paul Phelan, who occupied the hot seat in Poole’s beautifully prepared ex-works Cooper S.


  1. A.K.Poole/P.Phelan (Cooper S) 35.0 points;
  2. D.McCartney/N.Henderson (Cooper S) 44.5;
  3. J.P.O’Kane/A.Frazer (Lotus Cortina) 67.0;
  4. D.McKeag/G.Morrison (Escort TC) 122.8;
  5. P.G.McConnell/P.Lyster (Rallye Imp) 164.2;
  6. J.Eakin/W.Johnston (Cooper S) 291.0.


  1. E.Oliver/D.Turkington (Rallye Imp) 219.0;
  2. W.J.Andrews/A.White (Cooper S) 272.7;
  3. J.Wilson/A.N.Other (Cooper S) 305.7.


  1. Miss J.Sloan/Miss D.Atkinson (Escort GT) 183.5;
  2. R.J.Kyle/G.H.Wilson (Cooper S) 183.7;
  3. D.S.Hanna/R.Finlay (Hillman Imp) 474.3.