1969 Northern MC Tests

Photo: Jackie Sloan
The overall winner Ron Mullen narrowly defeated Ken Shields.

Report reproduced from Motorweek 19 April 1969
Report and pictures by Jackie Sloan.

Northern Motor Club’s first test.

Mullen and Shields in close battle

LAST SATURDAY the Northern M.C. held the first in a series of three driving tests, to count towards the Ivery Trophy, at McCormick’s Quarry near Ballynahinch.

Incidentally, the Ivery Trophy will be awarded to the driver putting up the best performance in any two of the three driving tests run by the Northern MC, the remaining two of which will be run in June and September so there is still time to get amongst the

J. G. Allen found it easier to see with one eye outside the window.

The first test attracted a total entry of 16 cars entered for five classes and the club had laid out four very interesting and open tests, each of which had to be completed twice.

It soon became obvious that Ron Mullen (Mini Cooper) and Ken Shields (VW) would be the men to beat and this proved to be the case when the results were announced, with Ron Mullen first overall with a total time of 181.9 secs. despite being unable to compete in the final two tests due to gear selector trouble.

He was closely followed by Ken Shields (VW) with a total time of 182.2 secs. and third was newcomer Hill Scott (MG 1300) with a total time of 185.4 secs.

Ken Shields gave Ron Mullen a close run for the win.

Some consternation was caused amongst the competitors when it was discovered that the third test, i.e. tests 3 and 7 was being timed to the nearest second but however Clerk of the Course Stewart McNeely was soon on the ball and announced that the tests had in fact been timed to one-tenth sec. and the times later rounded to the nearest second. So all
was well.



  1. Ron Mullen (Mini Cooper) 181.9 secs;
  2. Ken Shields (VW) 182.2 secs;
  3. Hill Scott (MG 1300) 185.4 secs.

Class 1 (up to 900cc, wheelbase less than 7ft.)

  1. D. G. Coles (Mini) 196.3 secs;
  2. A. Lucas (Mini) 197.5 secs;
  3. J. Wilson (Mini) 199.5 secs.

Class 2 (901 – 1300 cc, wheelbase under 7 ft)

  1. R. Mullen (Mini Cooper) 181.9 secs;
  2. M. Sloan (Mini Cooper) 237.3 secs

Class 3 (up to 1300cc, wheelbase over 7ft)

  1. H. Scott (MG 1300) 185.4 secs;
  2. R. McNeil1y (Escort GT) 242.0secs;
  3. J. Parkinson (Anglia Super) 245.0 secs.

Class 4 (over 1300cc, wheelbase over 7ft)

  1. Ken Shields (VW) 182.2 secs;
  2. Lee Lucas (Viva GT) 189.0 secs;
  3. R. Dougan (VX 4-90) 224.0 secs.

Class 5 (Sports cars and non production Sports Cars).
(Only one entrant in this class)

  1. C. Molyneux (MGB) 212.8 secs.
Lee Lucas in the Vauxhall Viva GT just couldn’t match Ken Shields in Class 4.