1969 UAC Sept Autocross

The second run moment which may have cost Tom Lawther in his 1293 Cooper S victory over Ronnie White at the UAC Autocross at Greengraves.

White on top at UAC Autocross

This report appeared in Autosport magazine 9 October 1969.

After getting off to an enthusiastic start, the Ulster autocross season is drawing to a very quiet end and the Ulster AC received a mediocre entry for their autumn meeting at Greengraves, near Newtownards, on September 27, in which all the classes were won by Minis. The battle for BTD was between Ronnie White’s 1310 Cooper S and Tom Lawther’s 1293 version: they took their runs together, and although Lawther had been fastest in practice he lost out by 0.2 sec to White on the slippery first run, and had a big moment on the second to settle the matter. Third and fourth BTDs also went to big Cooper Ss, in the hands of Maurice Boyd and Ronnie Wilson, in 1:47.4 and 1:47.8 compared to the 1:43.4 and the 1:45.8 of White and Lawther;

Ronnie Mullen’s 999 S was not much slower at 1:48.4, easily winning its class from David McCullough’s Imp. In the bigger production car class, White was an easy winner, but there was a close tussle for second spot between the Escort TCs of Hill Scott and Dennis McKeag which the former just won by 0.4 sec.

The only runner, David Stewart, won the specials award in the ex-Des McCartney 1293 Scoop.

BTD: R. White (1.31 Mini-Conner S), 1m 43.4s.

Class winners: R.Mullen (1.0 Mini-Cooper S), 1:48.4; T.J.Lawther (1.3 Mini-Cooper S), 1:45.8; R. White (1.3 Mini-Conner S), 1m 43.4s; and D. Stewart (1.3 Scoop-BMC Special), 1:49.2.