1969 DMC April Rally

Photo: Jackie Sloan
Gordon Taggart, who navigated for Brian Wilson, plots his route at the start.

Report and Pictures by Jackie Sloan

(Reprinted from MOTORWEEK)

The Dungannon Motor Club’s April Rally held on Friday 25th April attracted a total entry of 43 of which 4 were entered in Class 1 (Experts), 14 in Class 2 (Semi-Experts), and the remainder in Class 3 Novices. The overall winners were Bert Reid and Austin Burnett in an Imp Sport after an exciting duel with Ronnie White / Harold Hagan (1293 Cooper S).

Brian Wilson and Ronnie White examine Brian’s B.M.C. Cooper S at the start. However it was all to no avail as Brian later retired with overheating problems, which have troubled him in the past.

The rally was won on the two selectifs, as Clerk of the Course – Bryce Sands – had set out a fairly straightforward navigation section in an effort to please the large entries in Classes 2 and 3. By and large this succeeded very well as 26 crews finished and no-one left the road at all.

The first selectif to be tackled had a target time of 4 minutes and was cleaned by 4 crews – Ronnie White Harold Hagan (1293s); Ernie Oliver / Derek Turkington (Imp Sport); Harry Frizell / Norman Devlin (Escort Twin Cam); and Bert / Reid Austin Burnett (Imp Sport). However some crews fell by the wayside before this selectif, notable by their absence being Brian Wilson / Gordon Taggart, (Cooper S) who retired at an early Time Control with overheating problems.


The Second Selectif, with a target time of 2 minutes, was a different kettle of fish, and nobody managed to clean it, the fastest crew being Ernie Oliver and Derek Turkington with a time of 2 minutes 26 secs. However they later missed a route check which dropped them
from 2nd place overall to sixth over-all. This must still be considered a very good performance as they also cleaned Selectif 1.

Oliver Hadden and Dave Elliot (Escort T.C.) in a confident mood before the start.

Ronnie White and Harold Hagan wrong-slotted on Selectif 2, the resultant loss of time dropping them to second place.

Incidentally, some drivers arrived at the start with no rally  insurance and the Dungannon Motor Club have asked me to stress that no one may start an event without rally insurance. The Club can arrange such insurance but they need 7-10 days notice.  So please co-operate and avoid disappointment in the future.



1. Bert Reid and Austin Burnett (Imp Sport) 44 marks lost;
2. Ronnie White and Harold Hagan (1293s) 48;
3rd, Trevor Haydock and George Beatty (Imp Sport) 58.

Class 1:
1. Bert Reid and A. Burnett (Imp Sport);
2. R. White and H. Hagan (1293s);
3. Oliver Hadden and Dave Elliot (Escort T.C.) 113.

Class 2:
1. Trevor Haydock and George Beatty (Imp Sport) 58;
2. Adrian Park and Peter Scott (1275s) 61;
3. Harry Frizell and Norman Devlin (Escort T.C.) 66;

Class 3:
1. Andy Ferguson and Nelson Ferguson (Imp) 82;
2. Tommy Spiers and Gordon Parker (1275 Cooper) 85;
3. R. Alexander and Trevor Uncles (Ford 16000 GT) 140.