2022 Hobson Electronics Moonraker Rally

Tim McKie and Gavin Millington were NI Rally Champions 25 years ago.

At our DMC Committee meeting last week, the decision was taken to go ahead with a “new-look” Moonraker Rally in 2022.  Work will continue to come up with an easy introduction to “time and distance” where the emphasis shifts from figuring out where to go from tricky route instructions to more precise management of time and distance.

We are delighted to have Hobson Electronics on board as headline sponsors and we thank Derek Hobson for his continuing support for grass-roots motorsport.

For this event we plan to keep it simple by having the route defined mostly by map references, and just a single tulip section to avoid the need for a third map.  Maps 13 and 19 are required and can be ordered from the Ordnance Survey.  They are both currently in stock and a recent order took a total of 8 days from on-line order to delivery.  If you are game to give this a try, order them now by following the link at Order MAPS   The third map that covers the route, Sheet 7, is not required as a tulip card will cover the three miles and one “T” junction contained on that map.

Another requirement for potential crews is to have a free digital competition licence from MSUK.  This can be applied for on line as well by following the link MSUK RS ClubmanLicence. 

Since this is a trial event, we plan to just use 30mph as the set average speed throughout – one mile every two minutes.  All five regularity sections will be timed from the start of the section, and timed to the whole minute, i.e. at every point in the section there is a correct minute that should be showing on the clock.  Intermediate time checks will be in place to record the minute on the clock for each passing competitor.  Intermediate controls may be placed anywhere in the section, not necessarily at exact miles or half-miles, so the objective is to be “on time” at all times.

Why not give it a go?  The regulations can be found here ==> Moonraker Regs.

Entries can be made on Rallyscore.

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