1965 UAC Spring Rally

Ken Shields demonstrated his virtuosity with the Vauxhall VX4/90 in winning the UAC Spring Rally. He later used a Vauxhall Cresta to win his class in the International Circuit of Ireland Rally.


This report is reproduced from Irish Motor & Water Sport Magazine Vol5 No2.


A steady unceasing drizzle descended throughout the U.A.C.’s Spring Rally, their last event before the International Circuit of Ireland Rally. It was held on 13th March 1965 with 68 entries.

Irish Rally Champion for 1965/6 is Ronnie McCartney. Here he slides the front of his Austin Healey Sprite in the very wet conditions of the Spring Rally.

Six failed to appear at the start in Comber Square so the high number of 62 sped round North and Mid Down visiting eight tests before finishing at Donaghadee. Best in tests (some shared) were four to Robert Woodside (VW), three to E. A. Lucas (Grasshopper), two to J. Harris (Austin Cooper) and one each to Robert McBurney (VW) and Roger Cree (Austin Cooper).

Robert McBurney is always a force to be reckoned with. Here he is making fifth best time in the Spring Rally’s Killymether test. He finished the rally in third place overall

Robert Woodside ended up with lowest overall marks, Robert McBurney second and H. A. Lucas third, but Ken Shields (Vauxhall VX-490) had been so far ahead in his class that the differential class marking system put him ahead of Woodside, and he proved a most creditable premier award winner with Woodside second and McBurney third.


Overall Positions

  1. Ken Shields (Vauxhall VX4/90)
  2. Robert Woodside (VW)
  3. Robert McBurney (VW)

Class 2:

  1. M. F. Hutchinson (Austin Mini) 8th Overall;
  2. R. Mullcn (Morris Mini) 9th OA;
  3. G. Haire (Austin Mini) 11th OA.

Class 3:

  1. G. R. Cree (Austin Cooper) 5th OA;
  2. J. Stevenson (Austin Cooper) 13th OA;
  3. W. Grant (Austin Cooper)) 20th.

Class 4:

  1. R. J. Woodside (VW) 2nd OA;
  2. R. McBurncy (VW) 3rd OA;
  3. W. Scott (MG) 35th OA.

Class 5:

  1. W. K. Shields (Vauxhall VX4/90) 1st OA;
  2. A. J. H. Lucas (Vauxhall) 4th OA;
  3. R. J. McSpaddcn (Volkswagen) 10th OA.

Class 6:

  1. E. A. Lucas (Grasshoppar) 6th OA;
  2. H. W.Hagan (M.G.) 7th OA;
  3. A. Boyd (Sprite) 12th OA.