1969 Armagh Driving Test

Ken Shields splashes his way to second in Class 5.

This report is reproduced from Motorweek, 3rd May, 1969.


The Armagh Motor Club driving test held at Gracey’s quarry, Tandragee, on Saturday, April 26, attracted an entry of 24 cars and was won by Ron Mullan in his Mini Cooper.

Four tests were laid out in the quarry and each was attempted twice; after this, a fifth long test was laid on, and everybody had two runs.

Conditions were very muddy, and the people who suffered most seemed to be Adrian Boyd, and Maurice Johnson, who were sharing a VW Beach Buggy. They were fairly dirty by the end of the day! A real battle developed for first place between Ron Mullen (Mini Cooper), and Roger Cree (MG Midget), and the final gap between them was only 0.6 of a second.

Class two also, saw a keen struggle for first place, this time between Albert Lucas and John Jones, both driving Mini 850’s, and here the final difference between them was only 0.2 of a second.

The highest placed novice was B J. Robinson (Mini Cooper), who finished second in class three, with a very creditable score of 408.2 seconds.


Overall: 1st. R. Mullan (Mini Cooper) 365.0; 2nd. R. Cree (MG Midget) 365.6; 3rd. J. C. Boyd (VW Beach Buggy) 374.4.

Class 2: 1st. A. Lucas (Mini 850) 390.2; 2nd. J. Jones (Mini 850) 390.4; (Best Class 2 Novice – W. McGowan (Mini 850) 453.6)

Class 3: 1st. R. Mullan (Mini Cooper) 365.0; 2nd. B. J. Robinson (Mini Cooper) 408.2. (Best Class 3 Novice – B. J. Robinson (Mini Cooper) 408.2.)

Class 4: 1st. P. Johnson (Fiat 850).

Class 5: 1st. D. Boyd (VW) 386.2; 2nd. K. Shields (VW) 391.4. (Best Class 5 Novice – R. McKnight (VW) 467.6)

Class 6: 1st. L. Lucas (Viva GT) 392.2; 2nd. K. Atkinson (Anglia) 450.0