1969 BBN Driving Test


This photographic report by Ester Crawford is reproduced from Motorweek 26th April 1969.

Ian Woodside bends the tyres on his MG Midget.

Cecil Molyneaux looks like he is coaching Ken Shields.

Lee Lucas wringing his Viva’s neck.

John Jones seems amused by Roger Cree’s attempts to memorise a test.

Charlie Irwin, on his way to a good third place.

Charles Crawford indulges in a bit of wheel lifting.

Charlie and Ken Irwin (with beard), deep in contemplation with Sidney Poots, Charles Crawford, and Ian Woodside in the background.

Leslie Dallas, overturns his Mini and Ronnie McCartney, to the right foreground, shows very rapid reflexes, and is on his way to help before anyone else can move.

This four-Legged interloper was quite unmoved by the presence of Hill Scott’s MG1100.

Billy Orr chatting with Lady Expert Jan Sloan.



  1. Ronnie McCartney (Cooper S) 253.8;
  2. Harold Hagan (MG Midget) 256.6;
  3. Charles Irwin (998 Cooper) 257.0;
  4. Ken Shields (VW) 257.8

Class 1:

  1. R. W. Dugan (848 Mini) 293.4;
  2. Albert Lucas (848 Mini) 295.2.

Class 2:

  1. Charles Irwin (998 Cooper) 257.0.

Class 3:

  1. Ronnie McCartney (Cooper S) 253.8.

Class 4:

  1. Ken Shields (VW) 257.8;
  2. Lee Lucas (Viva GT) 280.0.

Class 5:

  1. Harold Hagan (MG Midget) 256.6;
  2. Charles Crawford (MG Midget) 269.2.


  1. Norman Ferguson (998 Cooper) 294.0