1970 BBN Coulter Autocross

Ronnie White added to his already impressive list of 1970 successes with FTD and the Ken Coulter Trophy.

Ken Coulter Trophy to White

This report appeared in Motorweek dated 2nd July 1970. Pictures by Sean Kelly.

Last Saturday’s Ken Coulter Trophy Autocross, run by the BBN Motor Club saw Ronnie White scoring his umpteenth win this season with the incredibly rapid 1340 Cooper S. Ronnie’s best run was his first,
accomplished in a time of 1-35.6 secs, a time that he missed by 0.2 seconds on his second try.

In second place was that much improved Mini driver R. J. Kyle, who got round fractionally quicker than that regular BBN trier Tom Lawther, also Cooper mounted, to record 1-40.8 secs, again on his first run. Tommy Murray, although present in practice when his Beach Buggy, went well but didn’t finish his first “official” trip round the course, and so was unable to do anything about the flying White.

The entry of 35 cars for this well-sponsored event reflects in some measure, the unfortunate state of Autocross in Northern Ireland at present, for there just don’t seem to be the cars, and if current trends continue, an alternative form of sport Will have to be found.

Full results will appear next week (which didn’t actually happen).