1970 Queens Closed Rally

Peter Little and John Beatty prepare to depart in their Cooper S.

Queens Rally Proves to be a Tough One

This report first appeared in Motorweek dated 14 February, 1970.

Dessie Nutt’s Wolseley Hornet leaves much rubber on the road as he pulls up at a time control.

Last Thursday night (8th February) Queen’s University Motor Club ran a closed permit rally round various parts of County Down.

Chris Wilcox had nice looking (but un-balanced) J.A. Pearce wheels on the back of his GT6.

The route was a very good one, and it had even the most experienced crews scratching their heads at one time or another.

Ian Graham’s M.G. Midget arrives at Time Control D.

Unfortunately, at the time of going to press, we still don’t know the results, so we will have to leave that until next week. (See below). In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!

Checking in time for R. G. Bruce, one of the select few who made it to Time Control D.
Some people just won’t look where they are going!

1970 QUB Rally Results from Motorweek 21 Feb 1970

Last week we promised to publish the results of the Queens University Motor Club closed rally held on Thursday, February 17, so ever true to our word, here they are:


  1. C. Wilcox/K. Atkinson (Triumph, GT6), 10.7 marks; 
  2. P Little/J Beatty (Cooper S), 16.3 marks; 
  3. B. Mitchell/Fisher (Sprite), 18.7 marks;
  4. R. White/L. White (Escort GT), 19.0 marks;
  5. B. McCann/P. Rutledge (MG Midget), 57.7 marks;
  6. J. Donnelly/B. McLaughlin (Escort TC), 152.9 marks.


  1. J. Wright/R. Heslip (Cooper), 31 marks;
  2. D. Nutt/R. Bruce (Hornet), 104 marks;
  3. I. Graham/Miss I. Breen (Midget|), 167 marks;
  4. M. McKimm/A. Hunter (Mini), 169 marks;
  5. A. Cooke/R. Veitch (Mini), 179 marks;
  6. J. Brown/L. Bracken (Cooper), 197 marks;
  7. D. Murell/H. Bell (Herald), 235 marks;
  8. W. Holland/C. Watson (Mini), 285 marks.

These were the only finishers although 21 cars started the event.