1970 UAC Miskelly Slalom

White at Ballygowan

This report and photos by Ester Crawford first appeared in Motorweek dated 2 July 1970.

WITH THE VAST number of sporting events which have taken place in the past few weeks it was not surprising that the UAC received a smallish entry of less than 30 for their slalom at Miskelly’s Quarry near Ballygowan last Wednesday evening. Due to quarry excavations the course was somewhat different from that used the previous time and not quite so spectacular – and less car damaging! Truth to tell there were not all that many spectacular cars competing anyway and Ronnie White had little trouble in taking his 1340 Cooper S to victory — as is his custom in this type of sprint event.

The up to 900cc FWD class brought forth the magnificent total of two runners and with a second run of 65.4 seconds Ian Moore’s 848 Mini was nearly three seconds faster than Jim Lemon’s very versatile similar car. With 12 starters the over 900cc FWD class was more interesting although with two runs of 57.2 and 56.2, Ronnie White put himself well clear of any challenge.

The battle for second place was very close with Tom Lawther, Dermot and Maurice Boyd battling it out in 1293 Coopers. The verdict went to Lawther with a second run of 58.8, with Dermot Boyd taking third place with a first run of 59.4. This was just better than brother Maurice whose first run was disallowed after he went outside the course markers.

Making one of his rare appearances these days was Dennis McKeag in a Cooper S but after a first run of 61.2 the car succumbed on the second run. There was a close contest in the Thompson family with Norman just getting the better of the “Missus” by a second!


The small rear engined class presented little difficulty to David McCullough’s rally Imp which won in 62.2 from the shared Imp of Leslie Arthur and Robin McGhee. Ken Shields had the big rear engined class to himself but nevertheless tried just as hard as usual in taking 71.6 with his beetle.

In the front engined rear wheel drive class Hill Scott had no trouble in taking his Twin Cam Escort to a win in 59.6. Second was tennis star Alastair Cairns in a GT version with 64.4 and third was English visitor Chris Deane with 67..0 in his Anglia.

The all MG Midget sports car class was very closely fought with Ferran Boyle and George McCrea sharing 63.4 just 0.2 ahead of Derek NcNeill. Jim Lemon’s unique 848 BMC Special had the Specials class to itself and so did not do too much damage to a set of bald racing tyres in recording 66.6.


Class 1—General Classification:

  1. R. White, 1340 Cooper S, 56.2;
  2. T. J. Lawther, 1293 Cooper S, 58.8;
  3. D. Boyd, 1293 Cooper S, 59.4.

Class 2:

  1. I. Moore, 848 Mini, 65.4;
  2. J. Lemon, 848 Mini, 68.2.

Class 3: As Class 1.

Class 4:

  1. D. McCullough, 998 Hillman Imp, 62.2;
  2. L. A. Arthur, 998 Hillman Imp, 63.8;
  3. R. McGhee, 998 Hillman Imp, 65.8.

Class 5:

  1. W. K. Shields, 1500 Volkswagen, 61-6.

Class 6:

  1. H. Scott, 1558 Ford Escort, 59.6;
  2. A. Cairns, 1300 Ford Escort, 64.4;
  3. C. R. Deane, 1599 Ford Anglia, 67-0.

Class 7:

  1. G. W..McCrea, 1275 MG Midget, 63.4;
  2. F. G. Boyle, 1275 MG Midget, 63.4;
  3. D. McNeill, 1132 MG Midget, 63.6..

Class 8:

  1. J. Lemon, 848 BMC Special, 66-6.