2023 Moonraker Targa


Welcome to Dungannon Motor Club’s 2023 Moonraker Rally, which will run as a night time Targa Rally in accordance with Motorsport UK Regulations and with the protocol prepared by the Association of Northern Ireland (ANICC) Targa Rally Monitoring Panel.

The event will comprise  two “targa-style” timed Special Tests which will run on private ground on a mixture of sealed and loose surfaces.  These will be completed twice in the course of the evening, making it four tests in all.

The 50 mile route between Special Tests will be run as “regularity”,  identified by simple navigation using tulip diagrams in the form of a road book which will be supplied by the organising club, (No Maps Required). The roads used will be challenging narrow lanes similar to those we use for our navigation rallies,

The organisers will establish checks for the purpose of observing maintenance of a set average speed and/or time schedule and/or route, this will count towards the final results.  Should be good fun.

Moonraker Targa Regs 2023

The entry form can be found here ===> Moonraker 2023 Entry